Our Mission

To deliver expert correctional services focused on evidence-based, value-added and cost-effective solutions for public and private sector organizations ensuring both humane conditions and community safety.

Our Vision

To be the leading private sector provider of correctional services and products through the application of best practices and dedication to professional and compassionate service.

Who We are

The Correctional Management & Communications Group, LLC (CMCG) is a privately owned company managed by a team of highly experienced and skilled corrections and law enforcement professionals.


Diversity and inclusion are part of CMCG's core business values. Having diverse employees, business partners and community relationships is vital to creating effective correctional and law enforcement solutions and services for our customers around the world.



CMCG offers a broad range of exciting career opportunities in a work environment that promotes integrity, diversity, and professional development.

our expertise


prea Services

CMCG is one of the leading private company authorities who can help you protect your agency in (PREA) Prison Rape Elimination.

(Suicide) After Action review

CMCG a leading company in the private arena, who has the experience you need to detect, react and help prevent inmate/detainee suicides.

juvenile corrections

The Juvenile Division of our Company is uniquely tailored to offer an array of alternatives to incarcerated andcommunity-managed juvenile offenders.

staff and leadership development

Provide training programs and continuing education services to line staff and management professionals working in law enforcement.

Audits, Security Assessments & after action reviews

As our core business model, we assess facility administration and management, the physical plant, institutional operations and services, inmate programs, and accreditation preparation.

incident management Training and planning

CMCG has many components to offer as your one stop company in the areas of corrections and security.

Staffing analysis and security technology

CMCG’S rational for staff analysis and security technology training is to utilize all available resources and staff to provide adequate coverage on all shifts

Re-entry, inmate skills development & faith-based programs

Assist agencies in the provision of direct program services for offenders placed on community supervision, offenders nearing release and offenders on post-incarceration supervision

organizational development & design

Assist organizations in creating a high performance work environment for superior performance and outcomes

Telemedicine Services

Our correctional Tele-medicine services provide an easy and cost-effective way to have an appointment with a physician or healthcare professional by using state-of-the-art video teleconferencing technology. This gives the patient and the healthcare professional the ability to visit one another anywhere at any time without leaving their respective communities.

Information Technology

Networking and Systems procurement, development, implementation, and training. Specializing in Security cameras, Systems Networks, Artificial Intelligence, and system unification. 

Residential Release and Prison Management

CMCG believes preparation during and after incarceration plays a significant role in one’s rehabilitation.

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