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PREA Services

CMCG is one of the leading private company authorities who can help you protect your agency in (PREA) Prison Rape Elimination. We have been conducting Quality Assurance Reviews (QAR’s) for the Federal Government, across the United States for the past nine years. CMCG brings a wealth of experience to the correctional management and oversight arena. Our review teams are extremely detailed, precise, professional, and offers a very high level of quality via facility assessments and trainee certification of PREA. In 2012 CMCG developed PREA Standards for the Federal Government. Our company is one of the premier leaders in assessing and training correctional agencies in the preparation and compliance of the mandatory PREA requirement.

If you are a correctional agency, facility, center or entity, CMCG can assist you and your organization as you prepare to comply with the mandatory federal requirement of PREA. Our extremely experienced Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) each have over 20 years of correctional experience and they have been conducting audits for federal state and local government for the past 4 years.

prepare and maintain compliance with prea

develop prea standards

Conduct prea assessments

trains and certifies staff in prea

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