Staffing anaylsis and securty technology


Staffing Analysis and Security Technology

CMCG’S rational for staff analysis and security technology training is to utilize all available resources and staff to provide adequate coverage on all shifts. Strategic positioning of staff is very beneficial for gathering maximum intelligence and enhances inmate accountability. CMCG will strategically teach and guide key staff to ensure their participation can assists with gathering pertinent information for the purpose of preventing significant violent incident(s) between inmates, as well as, identify those inmates involved in illicit and illegal activities. Also, the training will expectantly, increase and enhance staff’s ability in managing all security levels inmates. Our training provides a variety of information on security awareness, technology proficiency, and information processing to detect or deter illegal and inappropriate activities.

Our training methodology is recommended for all staff working in a correctional setting for consistency and to stress the importance of each staff member’s role in various situations. We have experienced subject matter experts with many years in corrections. Experience has shown when staff is challenged and trained prior to an incident; staff has proven to be responsive, proficient and, confident in dealing with emergency situations.

Staff anaylsis

touch path technology

cameras (cctv)

video response

Time line training

Levels of skillset (specialized training)

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